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Orange bathroom preview

Orange bathroom preview

For years, I've had a bathroom filled with orange decor in each of the places I've lived. The one at the condo was quite understated, but the theme was still there. I decided a while ago that it'll be a long time before we can remodel the downstairs bathroom in our house, and what I'd really like is to wait until we can do a major remodel, updating the kitchenette and adding a bar, maybe even turning the shed into more interior space and changing the size of the bedroom I use as my office.

That won't happen any time soon, but there was an urgent need to refinish the bathtub. Since I had to empty out the whole room to do that, I decided to finally paint the room orange. That's been quite a process, and it didn't help that it was my first time ever painting a room. It looks pretty good, all things considered.

The woman at the tub refinishing business who scheduled the job said they don't recommend using any sort of bath mat on the new surface, but also warned that the new finish is very slick. I don't need any slip-and-fall injuries, so I asked if they can do a non-slip finish. She said yes, I asked for it, and she forgot to tell the guy who came to do it. So he's coming back today to finish that, and I can finally finish the room up.

I already had to do the first coat, a second coat, and touch ups, and now I need to do some more touch ups because I got some of the silver spray paint I used on the orange. It was worth it, though, because the old heater was tan and rusty, and looked terrible.

The cabinet doors are also silver, and I wanted to do the vanity doors as well, but I couldn't remove them. Neither the screws in the doors, nor the ones in the hinges would budge. Oh well.

More to come.

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