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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Reverse chronological schmupdate
575 timehops
My oldest sister's been in town because my niece just had her second kid, a daughter named Rauri. We met up for dinner last night at Avocados, and I really want this rooster from their front window.


I filmed with Live in Everett yesterday afternoon. I'm still losing my voice a lot, so the timing wasn't great. But I got a service I normally pay $45 plus tip for free (I tried to pay or at least tip but they wouldn't let me) so that was nice. I'll of course share the video when it comes out next week. The lobby where we were is so pretty.


Garrett and I went to our neighborhood joint for brunch for the first time in ages. Normally they open at 11am, but during football season, they open at 9am which is much more aligned to our schedule. And we finally realized we can swap toast slices so we can have two kinds.


Now that so much of the Northern area at Langus is gone, I decided to do the island and the paved part for the first time in a while.













Friday night I went to The Great Junk Hunt in Monroe with Melissa, Christina, and Georgia, and we had a nice dinner at El Lago before. I really like the big windows and view there. We paid extra to be able to go to the Junk Hunt on the first night and it was surprisingly crowded. I was looking for orange stuff for the bathroom and didn't really find anything, and all of us were looking for signs saying "laugh" because I mentioned it's possible to cut them and make them say "ugh." No luck for either. But I got Garrett some nice soaps, and found a cool pig tray, a creepy miniature face pitcher, and fireplace end irons which truly fit with our fireplace and decor.




Steve says hi.


They've removed a lot of the stuff at the ferry terminal construction site and moved the fences that surrounded the whole area in to just enclose the stuff that's still there. The project might be on a bit of a hiatus right now because the bids they received were all too high.


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Yes I'd be tempted by that rooster as well - it's gorgeous. I really like your ducks.

That rooster is so badass. You should have made an offer on it!

It's so hard to get places to give up their decor. Hopefully I can find the same one somewhere.

Our collection is in danger of becoming ridiculous. I'm fine with that, though.

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