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Do not doubt my commitment to Sparkle Motion
575 timehops
Recently when I was at the waxing salon, I mentioned that I write for Live in Everett, and the co-owner Brandi who works on me said she really wanted to be on it. She also mentioned that she tried before to get the guys to come down and film, but neither of them would get anything waxed. Of course I volunteered!

I chose Waxology because they encourage men to come in, which isn't always the case with salons. It's also a gorgeous, inviting place, which is very different from some of the waxing closets I've seen in the backs of nail and hair salons over the years.

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Does it really hurt just a little bit? How long will it last before you have to do it again?
That looks like quite an unusual tattoo you started getting done there on your back man.

My first trip there was on September 12th and we filmed that on November 5th. You could see a little bit of hair in the video but there was so much less and it's a lot finer now.

There's a quick burn with each pull of the fabric but it's really not that bad, especially if you've had tattoos done.

I'm very excited about this back piece! We're adding a Patrick Nagel-style woman and all kinds of other '80s goodies.

Edited at 2018-11-13 11:48 pm (UTC)

Ouch! I can see why you have your back waxed though as it’s a shame to have such great artwork covered in back hair! That looks a really lovely restful place to go.

It is, and it's especially neat because it's so unassuming outside, you definitely don't expect to walk into something so luxe.

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