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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Question meme copied from Karen
575 timehops

💍 Marriages: One. Our 8th anniversary was last week!.

💔 Divorces: None.

🍼 Children: Zero and I've never wanted any.

🐦 Pets right now: Two cats, Sam and Steve.

⚕️ Surgeries: None, unless you count a cyst that had to be cut out of my back.

✒ Tattoos: Lots, and more coming.

👂🏼 Piercings: All I wear now is one nipple ring, but I used to have lots of them.

✋🏼 Quit a job: Only one, technically. I quit the TTY relay when I landed my ad agency job.

🌴 Been to an Island: Lots of them! In fact, I walk at one almost every week. Been to three Hawaiian islands and lots of local ones, plus a few international ones.

🚘 What do you drive: 1996 Plymouth Breeze. It was my husband's grandmother's and I got it for free when she aged out of driving and living on her own.

✈️ Flown on a plane: Lots. I'm excited that my next flight could be from my own city! Commercial service begins here in a couple of months.

🍹 Favourite Drink: For hard alcohol, a fresquila, which is Fresca (grapefruit soda) and tequila, preferably Jose Cuervo silver. I also like red wine. For refreshment throughout the day I like ice water. In the morning I always have one hot cup of coffee when I wake up and an iced coffee later on.

❤ Fallen in love: Yes.

💔 Been cheated on: No.

🚑 Rode in an ambulance: No.

🎤 Sang karaoke: Yes, but it's been ages. One of the only things I miss about Seattle is Crescent Lounge, a dive bar that had karaoke early on Sundays. There's also a really cool private room karaoke bar called Rock Box I miss. There's karaoke in Everett, but I don't stay up late enough.

❄ Ice skating: I've never been good at it and it hurts my feet, which is strange, because I was practically born with roller skates on and used to love roller blading.

🏄 Been surfing: No

🚢 Been on a Cruise: No. I'm really sad that we talked ourselves out of the Star Trek Cruise. Our favorite band, Information Society, headlined!

🏍 Rode on a motorcycle: Not that I can remember. And I wouldn't care to.

🏍 Own a motorcycle: No, thank you.

🐴 Rode on a horse: Does a pony count? I've ridden briefly on a pony. My own pony! I had a pony and a goat for a while.

😲 Almost died: I don't think I was very close but one time I was in a lot of pain and thought I might die and made the decision to die in my own bed rather than try to get to the emergency room.

🏥 Stayed in a hospital: Never.

🍑 Favourite fruit: I don't think I could choose, I love a lot of them.

🌓 Favourite Day: It's hard to choose because Saturday is the one day I don't exercise and I get kind of annoyed not exercising in the morning, but Saturday's a better day because there's no work and no work the next day.

🌈 Favourite colour: Depends. Obviously I'm a big fan of orange since I have an orange bathroom.

📲 Last phone call: My old coworker who was supposed to meet me for brunch calling to apologize for forgetting once he saw the messages I sent him.

📱 Last text: My husband showing me his new office.

💀 Watch someone pass: No.

🍵️ Coffee or Tea: Coffee with salted caramel creamer.

🍽🍰 Favourite pie: Hard to say. Cake is better anyway.

🍕 Favourite pizza: smoked oysters and onions

🐶 Cats or dogs: Cats.

🌞 Favourite Season: Fall

🎃 Favourite holiday: Aesthetically, Halloween.


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I like the sound of a fresquila - sounds refreshing ;)

They really are! If Fresca isn't available there, ginger ale's also very good with tequila.

What was your wedding like? Just wondering--

Really nice! Our friend Claire owned a condo in Belltown and we had everyone who was invited for the ceremony part meet us in the owners' lounge before we went up to the roof. The reception was at our favorite restaurant at the time, too. Plus we had a family happy hour the night before and some fun drinks with friends afterward.





That was the day we became domestic partners. A couple of years later when same-sex marriage became legal in Washington, we got married at The Cuff, which is where we met and also where he proposed.

I got sidetracked while trying to send this, here's the full cake

My favorite photo from that night is very NSFW.

Those cakes are so amazing!
You both look so happy--and you've lost weight :)
If that why you hike so much, now?

I weigh about 30 pounds less than I did and that can be attributed to exercise as I certainly don't diet.

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