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Inverted weekend

I wasn't in the mood for a walk or swim Friday after Thursday's excesses, and also stayed up way too late last night watching bad movies. So it was a rare Saturday walk instead. I didn't want to be out too long because we had brunch plans, but a trip North and back was a perfect three miles in the fog.




I zoomed in and took this from really far away because I almost never see more than one heron at a time unless it's at the spot where they all gather to lay and hatch their eggs. The rest of the year and everywhere else, it's almost always just one. And I knew they'd leave as I got closer.






The new end of the trail makes me sad, but at least it's pretty.





People really like this photo after I flipped and cropped it. Before:




My brother couldn't make it out for brunch because he was golfing, but Maria and Christina came and we had a nice brunch at Bluewater before heading over to the Everett Makers Market. It was the first one in a while and people obviously missed it because it was a huge success. One of the artists I know who sells there said she more than doubled her previous record!

After our company left, Garrett and I had a lovely day watching bad and weird movies. Swordfish, They Call Her Cleopatra Wong, and Gleaming the Cube. We learned about Cleopatra Wong in the Netflix documentary Shirkers, which I recommend highly. I think I might have liked it even more if I didn't know what it was about, so I'm not going to describe it, and you should just watch it without reading anything about it first. If you don't like highly specific documentaries, it may not be your jam.


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