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I can't move

That's a bit of an exaggeration, but moving is definitely not fun right now. Someone I know locally posted on Facebook about the Strength Together class at the YMCA and swears by it, so I decided to check it out yesterday. Unfortunately my lower back issues crept up because we stood in place a lot lifting weights, but otherwise it's a pretty cool class! And highly effective. I was very weak and wobbly after, and now I'm very stiff and sore.

That's totally expected, but now I'm very motivated to get my back feeling better so I can go back to the class and do well in it. That means it's time for more yoga. Ever do yoga while you're exhausted from full-body strength training? That's what I did yesterday and it was pretty difficult. Today was even harder now that I'm sore all over.

That was this afternoon. I started the day with some time in the hot tub, then swimming that included a lot of stretching in the water. I even came up with a new way to stretch my back backward!

Anyway, the whole thing kept reminding me of the show L.A. Doctors from 1998. There was an awesome scene where one of the doctors went to talk to another in her office, and she looked like she was paying far too close attention to what he was saying. He finally asked what was up, and she said, "I can't move." I can't remember why, but she was paralyzed in her chair.

I decided to look up who it was, and it turns out it was Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks!

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