christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Near and far at the same time

Decided to push the distance a bit this morning by doing the paved loop at Langus and then all that's left of the Northern loop. When I turned around at the what's now the most remote part of the Northern section, I nearly missed a big change there.


The gates on the left are always locked and I've often wished they were open. If they were, I could set up good time lapses in that area without having to walk a couple of miles there first, and then walk a couple more to get the camera again. If this is a new entrance and parking area, that'll make the part of the park that's furthest out, closest. Pretty big change! Of course there's the possibility that it'll be parking for something else, so I'll have to wait and see.

That was two-thirds into the walk, though. Here's the rest.







Right before I got to the car, I had one of my closest eagle encounters. It flew into this tree just as I was walking up, close enough that I was surprised it didn't keep going.


There was also a car being towed away from the parking area where my car was when I got back. I'm pretty sure it was there when I got there, and I think maybe it was stolen or something, because the front was smashed in. I'm definitely curious how it ended up there, and if it was abandoned there, how the person who left it there got back. The island's very remote, and even if you wanted to walk all the miles out, a big stretch of the road drops directly off on both sides, so you'd have to walk on it.


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