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A new shopportunity
575 timehops
Several months ago, I noticed a sign at the empty Display and Costume near us and was so excited to learn it'd be our new neighborhood Grocery Outlet. It's always been one of my favorite stores, but except for the four months when we lived in Silver Lake, I've never lived very close to one. Our new neighborhood location is finally open, and I got to see it early because they partnered with Live in Everett to do a sponsored post and video! When they asked if I wanted to work on those, I was very excited to say yes. here's my blog post about it and here's the video that just came out today.

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There is a "Grocery Outlet" in Maple Valley, but I really don't go in there, as my go-to-store, Fred Meyer, is right across the street from it. Very nicely done, both the blog post and the video.

Thank you! I also won't use GO as my primary store, but I do think it's a good idea to go there first to try to find as many things as possible on one's list. Especially if you're buying things like condiments. Lots of savings there.

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