christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Faded glory

Decided it was time to retire my swimsuit. Although it was faded a bit, that wasn't the reason. The pattern's busy enough that you don't really notice the fading. Compare the old one on the left to the identical new one on the right.


I stopped wearing it because the grommet on one of the drawstring holes is about to come out, and the last thing I need is for some sort of catastrophic failure.


I wasn't going to immediately switch to the identical replacement, but the square cut plain black one I wore for a couple of days wasn't working out so well. Lately I've spent a good amount of my time in the pool walking back and forth, and in the shallower ends, I do lunges. That's been making the bottom of the square cut one bunch and roll up. So, the same silhouette as a speedo, only sloppy. Sometimes it even flips enough that the white liner shows.

I'm not ready to always wear a speedo everywhere, but for mornings at the Y, they're great. I also like jammers, but so far I only have one pair. It's actually a little long, but ends up fitting pretty well after it gets wet.

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