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Victory is mine
575 timehops
I'm not super into Christmas, and that seems to magnify Christmas annoyances. One of those each year has always been Sam's never-ending quest to chew on the downstairs tree's branches and swat at the mixer cans I decorate it with. I got a cage to put around the tree a few years ago, but since it wasn't attached to the floor, he could push the walls toward the tree. I also didn't close it before, and he was able to push his way in from the back. Or jump down from the treadmill in the corner.

So this year, I thought about it for a bit and tackled all the issues with the cage by securing it to the floor, closing it, and moving it away from the treadmill. So far, no issues!

I don't get why after all this time, YouTube still can't display a vertical video properly. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and tumblr all do. But the original and largest video site? Not just yet.

This week's Live in Everett TV is our trip to get a photo with Santa. It's a really nice setup! You can make an appointment and there's a huge set with tons of props. They also take walk-ins and there's a big comfy waiting area. Now that this is an option, I'm not sure why anyone would stand in line at the mall.

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Lol - you have definitely got the tree protected there! Ours don’t touch our tree but I suppose they have lots of trees outside to play on.

The group photo is a great idea.

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