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Close encounter, oblivious
575 timehops
I'd never do the trails up either side of Japanese Gulch when it's really dark. I've entered the Eastern trails before sunrise, but not too long before. One thing I'm grateful for is the option to follow the railroad tracks up because there's plenty of gravel to walk on and it doesn't really matter how early it is as there's always at least a bit of moonlight and the glow from Boeing.

Shortly after I got to the spot where the center trail and tracks meet about halfway up the gulch this morning, a flashlight turned on up ahead. As I got closer I said good morning, and a man's voice replied from a little hiding spot. He said he was there filing coyotes using a thermal night vision camera, and one was right in front of me that I didn't even see because it was so dark! So close, that he thought I was walking a dog at first, but the angles of our paths didn't make sense.

I asked if he'd be posting video on YouTube or somewhere else where I could find it, but alas, he said no.

I'd already been toying with the idea of doing a big loop back to the car via the residential neighborhoods, and since he was filming there, I went ahead and did it rather than walk through again on the way back. This was a good time of year to do that because I got to see some Christmas lights, and because school's out, there weren't any crowded bus stops to try to get around.

It was garbage day, though, and I kept running into trucks. You can't win them all.

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Do coyotes tend to ignite people? I’m assuming so as you didn’t see it. I thought they tended to be in packs.

Ignite people? Did you mean Ignore?

They are pack animals, but that's their living situation and they mostly hunt and travel alone. I've never seen more than one at a time except pups. Someone in my neighborhood saw a pack of five recently, though!

LOL!!! Stupid autocorrect!!!!

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