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"Let's make a burrito!"

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New yearly new year? (Alternate title: Bridge, Boat, Boat, Boat)
Garrett's new employer gave him some PTO sooner than he thought they would, so we arranged for 12/31 and 1/2 off, making the New Year holiday a five-day weekend for us. I suggested we might get a cabin or something, and not long after, Garrett confirmed we had no plans and said not to make any. The last present he had me open on Christmas morning was a photo of a cabin he got us for two nights! It's on the water in Coupeville, so he also made NYE dinner reservations for us at Oystercatcher, which we'd only been to once but it immediately became our favorite restaurant.

We drove over so we wouldn't have to worry about a long ferry wait. Lunch options were pretty limited, so we popped into a saloon in Stanwood. He had chicken strips, I had clam strips. I liked the light above us.

Stanwood Hotel and Saloon

The view from the cabin is great.


I didn't take a lot of cabin photos, but couldn't resist getting a record of these touches.



I discovered a little bad news when unpacking, though. I'd forgotten to pack my CPAP tube and headgear. This happened because I need to put it away every day because Sam chewed through one, and I forgot to get it out while packing. Oops. I tried to call Island Drug in Oak Harbor but worried that I'd be on hold forever only to lose my connection, so I just jumped in the car and went over. They don't sell CPAP supplies, though, they only fill prescriptions for them. I had my prescription in my CPAP carry case back at the cabin, but there was no time to go get it before dinner. More on that later.

This is the NYE menu we had at Oystercatcher. We did the wine pairings and everything was great. There was also an oyster amuse bouche and a salted grapefruit sorbet intermezzo. Perfection.

NYE prix fixe

The sign out front is a huge understatement.


We caught our cab back to the cabin, had a little more wine, and went to bed. It wasn't long before I was choking myself awake, then coughing up and aspirating stomach acid. Very unpleasant. I hoped if I could keep mouth closed, I'd be a little better off, but nothing worked. Not the underwear I tried to wear on my head as a chin strap, nor the pillow I hugged for dear life and jammed up under my chin. At 4:30, I almost jumped in the car to drive back to Everett, but decided I'd better make sure I was awake enough. At 5:30, I drove to the ferry terminal in Clinton for the 6:30 ferry, and it was the emptiest one I'd ever been on. One row of cars on each side, plus maybe six more. Wild.

I had plenty of time to get back for the 8:00 ferry in Mukilteo, so I stopped at Safeway for a bottle of Fresca. They were out, but thankfully had the little cans. We usually drink bloody marys (for him) and bloody marias (for me) on January 1st, but I always want to switch to fresquilas after a few.

I took four time lapses while we were there. The first three are morning, afternoon, and evening on the first day, and the last is our final morning there. If you want to see those, click the last photo above and navigate to the left. Be aware there's also a photo of a long-dead bird you'll click past. I think it's a really beautiful photo and I'm now kicking myself for not taking photos of a frozen seagull I found a few weeks ago which looked like it was about to take flight.

We loved NYE at Oystercatcher and that could definitely become our new tradition. I'll start bringing it up this fall.

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I'm sorry you had such a problem without the CPAP! Shows how much you rely on it I suppose...?

What a great cabin :)

I definitely rely on the CPAP and it's shocking to think about the level of misery I was accustomed to before getting it. Of course every night wasn't quite as intense, but none of them were great.

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