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Yesterday I decided it's finally time to get serious about core strength as it's really required for what I'd like to do. Mainly, I'd really like to return to the group strength training class at the Y, but I can't stand around long enough to do it. Yesterday I tried one of Adriene Mishler's core strength yoga videos, and even though it was probably a little soon for it, I wanted to try some pool stuff today.

Coincidentally, when I got to the pool this morning, the instructor from that strength training class was the lifeguard. I imagine she was filling in, but in all my visits to the pool since I joined, she's never been the guard before. And then my friend Brittney, through whom I found out about the class, also showed up for her first Wednesday swim in a long time. So, both people in my orbit from that class showed up on the day I started getting serious about training in the pool so I can return to it. Neat! I told the instructor about it on the way to the locker room.

We made a friend on the very cold day we spent hanging around the Brixton Market during our trip to London last year. I was shocked to learn via Facebook that he died today at age 35! I don't know any of his other friends so I've just been looking at the various posts they've been tagging him in to see what I can learn. Poor guy.

New friend Jonny and a magnificent mullet

Jonny was very sweet and made friends easily, and I can tell already that a lot of people have so many wonderful memories with him.

I'm spending the afternoon today at the Korean spa for a much-needed scrub and massage and picking up dinner on the way home from a restaurant I've been dying to try.

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