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Snowed in

It started snowing sometime around lunch yesterday and I don't think it's stopped since. Lots of wind, too. I'm not going outside except maybe to get the occasional photo, and later on I'll put a hummingbird feeder out for a while. Here's the view from my bedroom window at 3am.


I wish I'd run to the store for some lunch meat and a veggie tray, but otherwise we're pretty good on supplies. Since I'm not going anywhere, it's a good time for some catchemups.

Here's a photo from last night of the progress from Friday's tattoo session. Remember Q-Bert? I've been dying to play again. Especially since we watched a bunch of game play video on YouTube while choosing the color scheme for the pyramid. Jimmy insisted on black for the right side, and I picked blue and green for the left and top. Q-Bert's path down the pyramid is yellow, and I hope the yellow and the green will look more different as it heals.

Tattoo update

It was hard to choose colors since Q-Bert is orange and Coily the snake is purple.

First and second snow shots from yesterday.


Value Village smartly mentioned Tidying Up without quoting it directly. Live in Everett shared this on their Instagram and it's doing quite well!


That was on the way home from a lovely walk with Lisa, a big loop starting and ending at Meadowdale Beach Park.


The climb up and out of the park at the end of the walk was brutal and awesome.

A very cute moment when Sam groomed Steve even though there wasn't enough room for him.


I got a rare Saturday walk in because Garrett was busy with Fly-in stuff, so I hit Edgewater Beach and Mukilteo Beach.


Another tattoo update, Freckle's all healed and looking great.

Freckle tattoo

One good photo opportunity from a dark walk at the marina on Thursday.


Wednesday was just fantastic. I spent the whole afternoon at the Korean spa and that included the scrub and massage package. I missed most of the incredible sunset as I drove away, but got a good look at the start of it as I got in the car.


Before driving off, I put in a GrubHub order at 9 Delicacies. The food was amazing, but driving that far with cooked Brussels sprouts in the trunk really stunk up the car. The next morning after swimming, I drove around with all the windows down and left them down in the garage overnight.


Can't wait to go back. I'll be there this Friday with the Chew Crew unless there's snow.


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