christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Good things happen here

One of my favorite recent assignments for Live in Everett was a visit to the Everett Animal Shelter. I see the building all the time because it's out at Langus Riverfront Park, the place I go most Sundays to walk.


The City of Everett shared the link on the Facebook page yesterday, too! The biggest thrill, though, was that every animal I featured in the post was adopted by the time it posted, so we had to edit out all the links.

I didn't have a way to work it into the post, but there was someone on my street who fed and hung out with a lot of stray cats who suddenly had to move away. It was really heartbreaking to see the cats wait on the porch of that house hoping she'd come out and feed them, but it wasn't long until animal control trapped them and brought them in to the shelter to be adopted. Seeing their photos on the adoptions page was such a relief.

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