christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Moving along nicely

Had another great session with Jimmy yesterday, and it was surprisingly the least painful one in a while considering how much we did.


Rio and Vangelica both got their makeup done and earrings colored in, plus the huge red and purple sections between them and Rio's orange line.

When I got home, the new phone I ordered had arrived, but unfortunately my SIM card popped out as I was trying to slide the tray in, and promptly vanished. Like, I pulled the stove out and moved it over, and swept the entire kitchenette and still couldn't find it. I'm using it at home on wifi but I won't be able to use it at all or text until I can get to the AT&T store. That'll have to wait a bit because I'm going to Seattle for breakfast with my ex Douglas and his husband David. It's really quite unnerving to plan an outing knowing I can't use my phone once I pull away! I'll have to write down their hotel room number and go find them rather than texting when I arrive. So retro.

They came to Seattle for last night's Robyn concert and have the day to do sightseeing stuff before their train back to Portland this evening. They were nice enough to invite me along for the day's activities but I declined as I'm not really in the mood to do any Seattle tourist stuff right now.

It's been a pretty busy morning so far. I've actually been working, helping out with a very big deployment at work since my normal weekday start time of 4am. Not work explaining completely but it saved a lot of time when I did the steps because I'm local, and it helped to get as early a start as possible because the support tech is in South Africa. We have a meeting at 8:30 to check the progress and then I'll head out for breakfast.

I'm also keeping an eye on Outlook in case they need me. Normally they'd text, but I can't get those right now.

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