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Caught it

Winter is mostly not great for morning time lapses. The sky is often just a grey blob that the sun can't break through. Don't get me wrong, I like that kind of weather, but I miss the photo and video opportunities. The streak was finally broken today!

I mentioned before that there's a new parking area at the north end of Langus and that I was looking forward to entering there since that's where I want to set up my time lapses now. I parked at the second-northernmost parking area and walked over to that entrance because even though they haven't been opening the gate, it's still easy to walk around it. Didn't even need to do that today, as the gate was open!




When this all started I wasn't sure if I pointed my camera the right direction to catch it, so there was a little suspense for the rest of the morning.









So happy with how this came out. I'm not even sad about how much ground is showing because I like how the water level changes.


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