christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

More fun with Layout

Every once in a while I use Layout in Instagram and am completely thrilled with the results. Yesterday at the marina I decided to see what I could make from these staircase railings.


Step 1, crop and use the "adjust" feature to ensure the rails are perfectly vertical.


Step 2, use Layout and pick the option that's four squares.


Step 3, repeat, using the output from the last step.


Alternate use of that output, but with four vertical rectangles.


Not having much in the way of graphic design or even photo manipulation skills, it's nice to have a fun and easy tool in my arsenal and be able to quickly do things like that. Especially on my new phone which makes quick work of it and never crashes in Layout like the last one did.

Here's a shot I wish I could have gotten just a little sooner. The wave effect in the clouds was even more dramatic as I walked up but there was too much stuff in the way.


The walk before that was in the dark at Japanese Gulch. Not much to see but I liked the view looking up from the dog park at the bottom when I got back to the car.


And here's another Layout from the previous trip to the marina. I walked a lot this week since I can't go swimming yet.







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