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An oddly productive period

I'm really bad about getting stuff done. Great about getting ready to, though! Ok, just good at buying things online. It's so easy these days to get the stuff you need, but harnessing the energy to then use it can be really tough. Sometimes I wonder if the online shopping component has something to do with that. Like, when you have to go to the hardware store, it's pretty easy to ride the momentum to project completion. I need to do this > I have to get the stuff > I'm ready to be finished.

When you buy something online, it and the task you need it for enter a holding pattern. It'll show up eventually > I'll get around to it at some point after that > now's not a great time.

I'm starting to find it's so much easier to get my writing projects done if I hurry, though. If time permits, banging a piece out right after I get home from talking to the subject is the way to go.

And something about being tired this week because of Daylight Saving Time put me in a very productive frame of mind. Like, if I stopped to rest, I wouldn't be able to start again.

Thursday really blew by and I couldn't believe everything I got done. Had a walk, then wrote about a new place I like in Marysville as soon as I got home and showered. While working on my normal Thursday chores, which are to water the plants and clean my CPAP, I noticed the large fern in the top section of my wall garden was dying. I pulled it out along with a couple of smaller ones, which made several huge messes, so the five-minute watering chore stretched out into nearly an hour. I got a chance to move a tall plant up to the top section, though, I think it'll work better there.

I had to pop by the VFW during their Veterans Stand Down so I could get a couple of pictures and talk to some people to work it into my followup story about their remodel. It was great to find out that just as I'd arrived, they'd signed up their 100th homeless vet, and 17 of them so far were women. I found representatives from the county who chatted with me and gave me a business card so I could get the day's final numbers for my piece later on, and they told me it's much harder to find the women they're serving. I think their idea to create a women's pavilion with services provided by women was really smart.

It's been great working with the VFW on my pieces and my contact there said venue bookings are way up since the first one, and they found their new muralist because of me!

There was a lot of time to kill until 4:30 when I could make my next stop, so I went to Lowe's to find some plants for the wall garden. I found a few colorful ones and hope they do well, but I'll wait to take photos until I'm confident they'll last.

After that I had a really great time meeting some local vintners and checking out their winery. Really cool, interesting people, I spent an hour talking to them without even meaning to.

Thursday's my designated day off from making dinner but I could have easily ridden that productive wave and cooked. Garrett brought takeout home, though, and winding down was really nice.

I don't normally have such busy days so I had to document it. There are definitely a few things around here that still need to get done. Maybe tomorrow.


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