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When in doubt, try anyway

My Podo camera quit working a long time ago, but on a whim I decided to see if it'd connect to my new phone, and it did! I don't have a second tripod for it, but I still have the waterproof case that's designed to point in lots of different directions when you put it down, so I brought it along with my Brinno yesterday for my walk at Langus. The sky was pretty clear when I got there, and I knew it wasn't fully charged, so I left it in the car. The gate at the new north entrance was locked, so I decided to try a new spot at the south end.

It was sad to see how many great views there were on the way to that spot that I couldn't use because there was nowhere to leave it. This is what I really wanted to show.


Here's what I got, though. Pretty good! More clouds showed up than I figured would, and the fog is really fun.

Here's a spot up the river I'd love to do if I could put a camera there. I mean, it'd be possible if I used a tall tripod, and stood around to watch. But that would get really dull.


More lovely spots.







More fun with Layout.




I'm surprised this houseboat is still here. It doesn't seem like a good long-term spot for one. I'd love to see inside.



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