christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Double exposure part deux

My alarm is set for 4am on weekdays and I don't set one on Saturday. All winter, I had my Sunday alarm at 5am, and it's now time to get up earlier. There was little time to spare when I set my cameras up yesterday, so now that alarm is set for 4:30.

The subject matter for my second camera comparison was pretty great! Too bad I screwed up. Here's the Podo.

The Brinno should look much better, with one frame per second as opposed to Brinno's five. I could tell right away when I got it into editing that I made a mistake. Somehow the Brinno was set to a ten-second interval. That's too bad, this should look much better.

Oh well. You see the fog roll in and I was in it for most of the walk.







I hope affordable LED wallpaper is released to market soon, I'd love to be able to make things like this and have my bedroom wall covered with it by the time I got home.


Garrett wanted brunch at Arnie's and I finally remembered to bring a camera. Every time we go there, the sky is dramatic and I wish I did.


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