christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Tattoo plan

I got a second Starheadboy tattoo on my foot I'll share when it's healed. We got a pretty decent picture of Q-bert and Coily before it got too bloody. The red area is shiny because we touched that up.


I was also in the shop Friday to get a tattoo from Madi, the shop apprentice. I don't know if this is customary for all shops, but they had her draw up some flash designs and let people get them for free. I really like her and was super excited to be among her first clients, but we decided to wait a bit so I'd have my appointments close together and not miss out on extra time in the pool. By the time yesterday came around, she had to start charging $20 per tattoo just to cover the supplies since so many people got tattoos from her. She'd lost track but I was number 40-something in less than a month! I was more than happy to pay it and also tipped her $60.

There was really only one tattoo in these sheets that I wanted. Can you guess it without scrolling down?


It's also the first tattoo she ever did, on Jimmy, the shop owner and my main artist. Pretty awesome that we have matching tattoos now.


Kinda wish I'd asked to keep this but at least I got a good photo.


I've got the rest of my tattoos planned out. Subject to change, of course:

Right arm: great blue heron sleeve, might try to incorporate water or something on the lower part since the seahorse is there.
Right leg: TRON sleeve
Right foot: Possibly more Starheadboy pals
Left foot: Nostalgia bottles (Clearly Canadian, Orbitz, Crystal Pepsi)
Left leg: No theme, just a place to put everything else.

I wish fingers took tattoos better. My ideal tribute tattoo for my dad would be a ring if they did. Is it considered a tribute if they're still alive? He's still alive.

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