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Some ink and a kludge

I mentioned to Jimmy a while back that I'd like to add to my feet each time I'm there for the big back project. That's all he and I ended up doing yesterday, though, probably because he wasn't feeling great. My original plan was to add more bottles alongside the Zima one but he wanted to be able to do more detail, so we went with logos instead.


The Abbath kewpie on the right is from Madi's new sheet of kewpies and she posted it specifically on her Instagram story saying she really wanted to do it, so I volunteered.

She's still doing almost-free tattoos at $20 a pop and it made me laugh, so I said I'd take it. Threw a $100 her way so she'd have a nice tip. I imagine apprenticing means you don't have a ton of money for a while.

Another type of artist I'm hoping to throw some money at is a woodworker/furniture builder. Sam really annoys me by using my end table as his path to join me on the love seat. He could just as easily jump straight up on the foot rest or the arm, but no, he has to come via the spot where my food and drinks go. So annoying. For years now I've wanted a custom end table to stop him. My perfect end table would have a glass wall on three sides, and a second surface higher up so my laptop would be safe from any spilled drinks. for now, I'm accomplishing the same thing with some cardboard and a TV tray.


Why did I finally build this monstrosity? Because Sam was on the end table and all I wanted was to put my dinner and water down and he wouldn't move. When I tried to nudge him, he flopped instead of moving, sending remote controls and other items crashing down. I can't remember the last time I was quite so mad, so the next day I finally reached out to a furniture builder and did a little building of my own in the meantime.

It's been several days and I haven't heard back. I got several referrals on Facebook and that was only the first one, so I guess I'll just work my way down the list until I get a bite.

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