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Wild week

The blog post about Banh Meetup 2 finally published so I printed it out to take to the winners along with their trophy. I just wanted something for them to read in case they hadn't already heard about it. They had, though, and they were stoked.


I had two trophies made this year, one for them and one for Bluewater who provided the cocktails. Theirs was for MVP.

Funnily enough, I had lunch at a different Vietnamese restaurant for lunch.

Had to do a little work on the car and that always means lunch at White Lotus. Normally I get the banh hoi, my favorite dish, but I knew ahead of time that we'd have a big dinner, early, so I just ordered the small seafood pho with less noodles.


The server at White Lotus knows that I always want banh hoi and was shocked when I said I'd have something else, but I told her we'd be eating Olive Garden takeout for dinner and she understood immediately.

Yesterday was a nice cap to a very long week. Someone let my credentials at work lapse which kept me off the corporate network for almost a week. The support alias I monitor was looked after in my absence but the very first email I got from it when I gained access again was someone following up on something that was missed.

Thursday was quite the day because I had to run training sessions at 6am, 10am, and 6:30pm. That's one of the big drawbacks of working at a global company and supporting tools everyone uses. I was pretty exhausted by the last call and didn't do nearly as well on that one, and my throat's still a little raw two days later from all the talking.


I still managed to get out for a few nice walks. On Tuesday I wanted to see if the winter weekday closure period at Pigeon Creek Beach was done. At first I thought it was still going because the gate was locked when I got there, but the guard yelled for me as I was walking away; he just hadn't opened it for the day yet. He said the gate at the other end of the path to the beach itself would still be locked, but I did the path anyway for the distance. It's a neat walk along the port. The pictures are hard to get through the chain link fence, but I got a few.





Steve being cute later on.


I said previously that I was unlikely to go to Edgewater Beach much now that the path from there to Mukilteo Beach is closed for ferry terminal construction, but I was in the mood for it the next day. The loop trail there is now almost exactly half a mile, which is kinda cool for getting in the exact amount of miles you want. Strangely I don't want to go as far when it's repetitive and only did three miles.






I really love that day's time lapse, especially the boat leaving at the end.

Garrett's birthday was Tuesday and unfortunately I was in Redmond for meetings as well as a meet and greet with coworkers, so I didn't get home until 7:00. Knowing I'd be pretty late, I had a big steak cooking sous vide all day as well as potatoes baking in the crock pot. I picked up the present I commissioned for him on my way out of town and framed it in the garage when I got home.


Another lovely piece by Elizabeth Person, this time of Jex, Garrett's beloved Rav4 that he drove for 21 years. I'm glad I commissioned it when I did, as Jex was gone when I got home. Garrett got himself a new car for his birthday!

I water the vertical garden on Thursdays and got some photos this week. It'd been a while and there are some new plants.






Sam wanted in on the action.


Yesterday I had a fairly typical walk at the marina. The sky was super clear so I didn't bother setting up a time lapse. This is one of the more impressive pieces of graffiti I've seen in a long time.


I'm working on a piece for Live in Everett about the various boat launches around town, so I got photos of that one.



Looks like there's some party or something happening where people dress their boats up.




Rotary Park at the end of the Lowell Riverfront Trail has another boat launch so I stopped by on the way home.


The third boat launch is at Langus, where I go every week. Shockingly, out of the nearly 2,300 photos I've taken there, none are of the boat launch. So I'll probably end up there tomorrow even though I said I wasn't going to.


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