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In the scramble when my account at work was locked my boss invited me via an alternate email address to tons of meetings this week and last. A bunch this week were canceled on my original account and I hadn't really given it a lot of thought until I looked at the calendar this morning and saw this week was almost completely empty. That didn't seem right, so I went to the alternate account and--whoops--found a whole week of meetings that I needed to forward to my main account. I think I missed one meeting today, and I got into the next one ten minutes late.

Not really a big deal, these are planning meetings with various stakeholders and I'm really just there so I have a little context later on when the time comes for me to test each item out.

We had a meeting this afternoon, but the attendees noted that they weren't really the right people to be on the call, so we wrapped it up. I decided to use the time to finally watch the final episode of Travelers, which was really great. I'm bummed that it's canceled but glad it got a nice finale. Now that I'm finished with that and caught up on The OA, it's back to The Magicians.

Had a good walk at the marina this morning. I was about to set up a time lapse facing West looking out into the sound, but there were more boats at the dock than I expected, and I noticed the sky to the East looked really neat. So I walked out onto the dock and set it up facing East. No clue why I'd never tried this spot before, it's really great.


I mean come on. You can bet I'll set up here again.

Every year there are a few really hot days in May before it gets cold again until around July 4th. Garrett calls it the "sucker punch" because someone everyone forgets that it happens every single year and they get so excited because they think summer's here. We just laugh when it gets cold again. I was quite cold for a good portion of the walk this morning, though if I'd worn gloves or another layer, it'd have been too much.

We'll see if all the flowers make it.



I never really noticed how cute the sign on the Jetty Island info booth is.


Yesterday was a nice walk at Langus even though I wasn't planning to go there. I just turned in a blog post about the various boat launches around town and was surprised I didn't have a good photo of the one at Langus in my huge album. Seriously, in almost 2,300 photos, I didn't have one? Super weird.


There was a heron on the Spencer Island bridge, which is weird. You almost never see them that high up or on that kind of structure. It took off before I could get close enough for a photo, but it flew by a tree that had another in it, so I got a photo of that one.


Decent time lapse there, but not as cool as today's.

We visited Garrett's parents for Mothers' Day and Garrett's birthday. It was lovely.


I just had the thought that work might be pretty interesting in a couple of weeks. They found some funding for additional development work, but had to spend it in the current fiscal year. That ends June 30, so between now and then, there are suddenly all these extra people on the dev team. Funnily enough, recordings of some of my training sessions with the field last week are being used to bring them up to speed.

The challenging part will be testing all the stuff they do. I'm the only one who does validation and documentation and there's about to be a lot more of that coming all at once.

I guess it's always better to be in demand that not needed.


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