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Cut off, wrong turn

It's been sunny and warm lately and that kind of weather sends me running to the woods. Trees are so good at keeping the temperature down. On Sunday, I decided to confirm what I suspected last time I was at Japanese Gulch, which was that the northernmost trails on the west side were closed up intentionally. Previously, I found a bunch of huge cut branches blocking the path from the top, but I wasn't absolutely sure I was where I thought I was. So Sunday I went up the other way and found, indeed, that it was the trail I thought it was. I should have suspected as much, since the trail leading up from the other side was very overgrown. It's kind of rude of them to block one side of a trail but not the other.

There's still a way to come back down via the nearby neighborhood once you make your way over to the street up above via one of the trails further South. I explored a couple of streets I've never seen before, the kind I love that are a mix of huge mansions and rotting small homes waiting to be fixed up.

On Sunday we went for an early Memorial Day meal at Garrett's parents. It was nice, though I need to remember to ask for the air conditioning to be turned on before it gets too warm. Food was great. We didn't see much of Bella.


It'd been a long time since I went to Lord Hill Regional Park, so I figured Memorial Day would be a good time to. I noticed on its website that there's a south entrance I hadn't been to and decided to check it out. Unfortunately, I accidentally turned onto a highway I wasn't supposed to, and it took forever to make my way back. It worked out in a way, though, as I arrived right when the park officially opens. This time of year I'm not overly concerned with entering early when it's already so bright out, but it worked out that I didn't need to.

Here are some nice shots from that hike. I think I'll save my writing energy about it for LiEv.








The area near that park has some very nice mansions on large properties. Definitely seems like a wonderful place to be if you have the means.


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