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Ink update

Had a pretty short session at the shop yesterday because Jimmy hurt his shoulder at the gym. He was uncomfortable enough that he couldn't work on my back at all, so we added one tattoo to each foot. Here's the source material and what we ended up with.




One thing I love about Instagram is that people are pretty into it and responsive. I tagged Starheadboy in the photos and posted the first one before we got started, so he knew I was being tattooed with his work again while it was happening. Fun!

Since I added two yesterday, this morning I figured I may as well take inventory:

1) Peacock/Moonbeam City/Pagoda/Tree sleeve
2) Seahorse skeleton made of horse bones
3) The More You Know
4) T-Rex (Dinosaur Comics)
5) Freckle ("Sometimes things that are expensive are worse")
6) Flaming skull
7) Abbath kewpie
8-11) clear retro beverages: Zima, Orbitz, Clearly Canadian, Crystal Pepsi
12-14) Starheadboy: Focus Group astronaut kid, burrito unicorn, cat in a box
15) '80s fantasy back piece

- More work on the back
- Solo Jazz cup (with bendy straw)
- Garfield phone
- TRON leg sleeve
- Great blue heron sleeve

- Lursa and B'Etor
- ROOM 2704 knuckle tattoos

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