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Live with LiEv

Live in Everett had their first podcast recording event this week at Bluewater Distilling. Of course I was excited to go and wore this appropriate old favorite t-shirt.


I parked over at the marina parking since I knew I'd probably want to walk around a bit after and was delighted to see this new addition to the sign at Fisherman's Market and Grill. They have really good ice cream there, more people should know about it.


I decided ahead of time that I wanted to treat myself to a steak and some nice drinks. They were only serving from the lounge menu in the room the event was in, so I asked nicely if I could get one. They agreed when I said I wanted it rare. It was so damn good.


The podcast recording was super fun and I met some cool people. I'll share it when it publishes next week.


Samantha from Bluewater arrived as it was wrapping up and I ended up talking to her and a few other people until after 9:00! Also saw my first sunset in a very long time. It was definitely weird being at a place I normally do sunrises at when the opposite happened.


Everybody's very excited because LiEv is bringing back their food truck festival. They did it once and decided not to do it again the next year, but now it's back. I wasn't necessarily planning to go, but now I am, because they added the Yum Run, a novelty 5k with small bites at each mile that ends with early entrance to the food truck festival. I'll bring up the rear with the other walking people as I have no interest in running. They'll provide hats shaped like giant food, it should be weird and fun.

I'm also excited to report that the Live in Everett Patreon finally broke the 100-patron mark! There are 102 as of now. I really wish it was more like 1,000. They have over 10,000 followers on Facebook so that's not unreasonable, and they put out tons of free content every week. There's really no other resource around here that comes remotely close to what we provide and it'd be great to see more people support us. But 100 is a nice milestone!

Coincidentally, I just got my monthly Patreon bill and I thought I'd share the total. Putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak. My current monthly bill is $48:

Live in Everett: $30/month
Mellzah: $10/month
Linoleum Knife and Tatiana Gill: $2/month each
Dumb Gay Politics: $1 per patron-only podcast, generally once a week.

I recently dropped Hey Qween because they're just not making good podcasts lately. Ironically Jonny called Teddy the producer on the episode that made me decide to drop them, and you couldn't hear Teddy at all. I just think if you're going Patreon-only and not even offering a free podcast any more, the ones people pay for should sound good.


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