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'twas a good day to Fri

When I backed out of the garage yesterday, it was sprinkling a little bit. I wasn't worried, but that was naive considering Thursday's weather, which included marble-sized hail! By the time I got a few blocks, it was raining a lot. If my new foot tattoos weren't still scabby, I'd have turned around, changed out of my walking gear, and gone swimming. I got completely soaked and very cold, and only did a couple of miles.

There's a lot to do at work lately but also a lot of waiting. It's the nature of the beast. I was excited while I waited to day to see that my new post on Live in Everett about Hat Island published.

Thursday I got one of the coolest time lapses I've done by putting the camera on the boat launch at Lowell. It's a more visible spot than I'd normally use, so I walked back and forth on the trail nearby so I could keep an eye on it. That made for a pretty boring walk, and I ended up having to put up with the burned rubber stench from some asshole doing donuts in the parking lot, but it was all worth it in the end.

In Instagram stories, you can rotate and resize a video however you see fit. That's a very powerful feature! I only turned it 90 degrees here.

Wednesday down in Mukilteo was much prettier.








Thankfully Friday's freezing walk wasn't my only visit to the marina. Had a much nicer time there on Monday.





When I was on the LiEv podcast, one of the questions an Instagram friend had for me was, "Where is your happy place?" My answer was all the places in Everett by the water. We really lucked out to be able to have a nice house at a good price in a decent-sized city that's so beautiful and has so much water everywhere. When I was growing up in New Mexico, I never thought I'd live somewhere quite like this. It just seemed unattainable because other coastal cities are huge and it costs a lot to be near the water.

Clearly I love it so much here that I consider myself an ambassador. That Hat Island post is my 49th on the Live in Everett blog, and I have three more with the Chew Crew.


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