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Some miles and a milestone

I definitely picked a good time to retire Caturday and Schadenfriday, this last week has been crazy and it's not letting up for a couple more weeks. Setting aside Saturday morning for writing was the correct move. Garrett slept really late yesterday and rather than get bored waiting, I got busy writing. After wrapping up a piece I'd been working on for a while, I submitted it and counted once more to confirm what I thought: it was my 50th Live in Everett piece! Plus I have another three with the Chew Crew.

I'm really happy to have reached this milestone because when I looked back at my author page to confirm that's the correct amount, I saw some of my earlier posts and remembered how hard it used to be to think of stuff to write about and how frustrating it was to write about food by myself all the time. It's cool that Everett's in a small boom now and that I've assembled the Chew Crew so I can get a post on the blog about a restaurant without visiting it a few times.

And working with Melissa and Erika made me realize how smart it is to reach out for help when I need it. LiEv asked me to write about Pride Month after our festival already occurred, so I reached out to people who were there.

So anyway, busy week.

Sunday one week ago was very sunny and I knew I didn't want any part of that, so I picked Big Gulch for my walk. It's on the Western slope of the land mass and is in the woods, so it was a lot cooler than other places I frequent. You can see in the first pictures that I was in the shadow of the hill as I headed down to the trail head via the roads.












Some new cranes arrived in the Port of Everett Monday morning and I wanted to capture them going by Mukilteo in a time lapse, but unfortunately they were half an hour early, so I almost got nothing at all. Managed to snap one photo as I arrived.






Good cloud action at the marina on Thursday.




I'm always wishing we were at Bluewater for brunch more often, but they don't open until 11:00 and we usually eat earlier. But Garrett slept late enough yesterday that the timing was perfect. We stopped by the plant sale and raffle at the arboretum but nothing there jumped out at as. We wanted to get ice cream at the marine shop around the corner but whoever closed the store the night before left the cooler open and ruined their entire stock! We went to Triangle Produce instead, which was delicious, even though they give you way too much and we couldn't finish it.

Plant sale and raffle at the arboretum

Unfortunately since the rainy part of spring, the spot where I was able to walk around the north gate at Langus on Sundays is overgrown. Terrible time for it, since being able to pop over and start a time lapse by the water would be handy. Since I couldn't do that, I left the Brinno by the freeway overpass today. Good view of the sky but I sure wish there was water below it.

While that was happening, I had a nice walk along the retention pond. The mosquitoes were bad toward the end but with my hood up I managed to remain unbitten.











Steve was cute this morning.


We met up with Bev and Dennis for Father's Day brunch at Bob's Burgers and Brew. They were only serving a brunch buffet and it was a madhouse. The food was pretty good, though. We met at their place after for dominoes and Trouble. Thankfully the AC was on the whole time. The obligatory Bella picture:

Hi Bella


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