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Can't contain it to one decade

At my last tattoo session on Friday, Jimmy really wanted to fill in the top part of my back. We hadn't previously discussed that and he couldn't think of anything, but then had a flash of inspiration. We've been looking at the Solo Jazz cup pattern a lot because I want the cup on my leg, and he decided he'd really like to use that pattern to fill in the top.


I decided I really liked the idea even though we were mixing eras. There's always a bit of overlap anyway. The cup's from 1992, the year I graduated high school, and the upward progression makes sense.


We have two more regular appointments coming up, then one final one for touch-ups before the convention. I also made an appointment with Britney at the shop, who hasn't tattooed me yet. I want one of Lursa and B'etor from Star Trek and decided her style would be pretty fun for it. Of course now I need to find some reference materials. There's not as much out there as you'd think!

After the touch-up appointment I'm taking a break for a while. Before Jimmy and I start on the next big project, I'd like to have some money saved up. That'll take some work as I've got a bit of debt.

There's a new app, Relive, that shows walking and hiking routes in an interesting way.

If you use the real app, you can even share pictures you took and they'll pop up on the route. I take way too many pictures for that and I already use MapMyRun anyway, so I just linked them and have the option to make a map after my walk. Probably won't do it often since I have a lot of regular spots, but it'll be fun to grab one once in a while.

Click over to flickr for highlights from today's and other recent walks.



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