christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

South by Southeast

Of course the day after I said I wouldn't use Relive very often, I made a video the very next day. Japanese Gulch is a good place for it if you're exploring the trails, and it was interesting to see how close I came to the ball fields without really knowing that at the time.

It's a bummer that my Brinno ran out of battery power, the sunrise was pretty neat.


At least I got to see three deer!

And today's time lapse at the marina more than made up for it.

More goodies on IG and flickr. I think from now on I'll do fewer embeds in the blog posts. I take a lot of photos and I don't really like the process of flipping through each to get the embed code. Plus by looking at flickr you'll get a nice preview of things I'm up to for Live in Everett.
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