christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

I love a parade

Or at least, being in one, I finally learned. There's a 4th of July parade every year in Everett but we'd never been. I was invited to march with Live in Everett and that sounded really fun, so I immediately said yes.

First was a sign-making party on Tuesday at their office. I knew about it a week ahead of time but for some reason I hadn't thought about what to do. I finally decided on an acrostic. The sign ended up on the front of a Lime scooter.


I prepared for a sunny day with this umbrella hat. It turned out rain was more likely, but that never happened either.


Sierra made a fish head that Tyler wore. He was pretty miserable, poor guy.


I volunteered to carry the banner because it sounded like fun being right up front and I wouldn't have to hand out candy or the zines LiEv published. I shared the duty with my new friend Ashlynn.

Here's a group shot with just about everyone from our group. Unfortunately my friend Renee stepped away just before Garret suggested we take one.

There was a lot of love for Live in Everett coming from the crowd and it was great to put the name out there in front of such a huge crowd of potential new readers.

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