christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

There's no question you can, but should you?

With the tattoo convention closing in, we tattooed the entire right side of my back on Friday. Similar to the zebra stripes on the left side, the right is a Lisa Frank-inspired rainbow of leopard print. The tattoo session was easier than the week before because it was done completely with shading needles, no outline required. But for some reason, the healing has been a lot worse.

Yesterday was the first day the weeping didn't completely soak that side of my shirt several times over throughout the day. There's a bit of gooeyness now, but it's mostly in the dry/tight/flaky stage.

I don't have a photo yet and there's really no point to this post except I wanted to share a tip: You can certainly tattoo the entire height of your back several inches across, but healing that is going to be many times worse than healing a regular tattoo. That's because when you have a tattoo that's surrounded by untouched skin, it doesn't matter that it's a little sensitive or tight. The whole side of your back? You can't bend, twist, or lift things without pain. You can't get comfortable. And it's very hard to moisturize that much.

It had to be done because of the deadline, but it's really thrown a wrench in my week. Guess the timing's good as I've had to stay in and work all morning every day this week so far.

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