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Healing and cleaning

My back's doing a lot better now. Just a few scabby areas left. Now that I'm feeling better, and work has calmed down considerably, I decided yesterday it was time to start working on my office. It always gets a little filthy each year when we throw our summer party and shove everything in the basement we don't want people to see in there, but this year it was particularly bad. Lots of extra dust and a smell from where Sam did a particularly good job defiling the carpet in one corner. Resolve carpet cleaner didn't do much to it, so it was time for a steam clean.

This and Garrett's room are the only two with carpet now, so it'd been ages since I used the steam cleaner. Took me a while to figure out how to measure the product you add to the water, thankfully I finally remembered the measuring cup is part of the lid.

Stage one yesterday was moving a folding cot we keep in here out, vacuuming, and steam cleaning the carpet on that side of the room. Today, I finished stage two, cleaning out and organizing the closet. I really hoped I'd find a certain picture frame I've been looking for, but it wasn't in there. But I found a Starheadboy for the orange bathroom and a frame that fits it.


There's not a lot of room left, but there's a little behind the door.


It's so nice to have the closet under control, and I saved about $45 in the process! This morning I had keyboard issues, specifically the letter that happens to be the first one in my password wasn't working. I use a curved keyboard and the straight spare I found in the closet wasn't super comfortable, so I ordered a replacement. A few hours later, I found a brand-new curved one in the closet! Not new in the package or anything, but clean and apparently never used. And it was the exact same model I ordered.

It was too late to cancel, but Amazon makes it so easy to do returns now. Just show a QR code on your phone to the people at the UPS Store, and they take care of everything. And there's a UPS store eight blocks South of us on the main road. Perfection.

The third stage of cleaning will be to clean out my desk drawers and cabinets, take my computer setup apart and clean everything, and pack up lots of what I find to donate or throw away. I'll also steam the carpet on this side of the room. Then everything can go back where it was. I originally pictured it being three stages, but of course everything needs to dry before I move it back. Four it is.

There's a futon in my office for guests to sleep on (the poor dears) and I took the bedding off that and put it in a pile with a blanket that was in the closet. There's a couple of loads of laundry I need to work on.

It's nice to get stuff done but I'm also glad I'm breaking it up into more manageable chunks over several days. It's really disheartening when you try to tackle too much and then you can't stop. In my case, that would be because if I take my workstation apart, I can't get much done until I put it back together. I know a lot of my coworkers are just fine on the laptop alone, but I really need the docking station and double monitors.

Strangely, I can write just find on the love seat with a laptop.

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