christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

The House of Duras lives on

My touch-up appointment for my back was supposed to be yesterday, but Jimmy had to cancel it. I didn't mind at all because I really wished I'd scheduled it for after the Mt. Baker trip. Now it is! I still had a tattoo appointment on Friday, but as it's on my leg and I'm able to bandage it during these first few days, I might be able to heal it out before I leave town.

I chose Lursa and B'Etor from Star Trek because I like Britney from the shop and really wanted her to tattoo me, even though most of the stuff she does really isn't my style. Lots of women and knives and stuff. So I chose some women I thought would be funny and interesting in her style.

Here they are on my inner left calf area and they go pretty well with the Freckle tattoo next to them.


I decided to have Nick give me a tattoo at the convention. I'm there the full weekend, may as well get a tattoo, right? I'll share that when it happens. He's the guy who did the first tattoos on each of my feet.

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