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Changes afoot, catchemups

Garrett was really smart when we moved from the condo to a house to keep our budget the same in one way. The money that used to go to condo dues and assessments is still set aside every month, but instead of going to a condo board, it goes to a house fund. The last time we used it was for the bathroom remodel upstairs where we added the laundry, and we're starting a couple of new projects now. Our contractor who did the bathroom is back to build a fence to secure our back yard, and we're also getting the house painted.

It definitely needs it. One of the paint vendors put it perfectly when he said, "You've definitely saved some money by getting the absolute most out of the last paint job."

It's going to be a pretty big change, too. Right now the house is blue and white, but instead of a two-color scheme, it'll soon be just one, with white only on the trim. And the new color is a nice deep purple. There's a sample online but I don't think it looks enough like the real thing to share it.

The painting project meant we had to get a lot of extra work done by our yard guys to get ready. Not just all the way around the house, but along our driveway, too. The walls on either side are being painted the same color as the house. We decided to match them because if we do them white again, they'll probably always look a little dirty, so we may as well do something different. We weren't even sure what this wall looked like under all the vines.


Turns out it's the same shape as on the other side.


The funny thing is when I texted our yard guy about this, he and the crew were there within a couple of hours taking care of it. He also asked about the fence because we asked him a couple of weeks earlier to bid on that project and we hadn't heard back. So he responded instantly about the yardwork but it seems like he probably wasn't interested in the fence at all.

It was also funny because this was the day before our normal every-other-Wednesday yard work day, and they ended up back again the next day for that.

In other news, today's a big day for Live in Everett. Many months ago they announced the return of their food truck festival and the Yum Run, a food-themed 5k. Finally, someone came up with a 5K I'll participate in. What makes it food themed:
- Food-shaped hats for the runners and walkers who signed up early (and I signed up first!)
- A snack stop at each mile marker
- Early entrance to the food trucks area for participants

I flexed a little bit of insider privilege and stopped by the office this week to pick up the materials for myself and for lisaloopner, who'll be walking with me. That way we don't have to wait in line and I was able to ensure we got whichever food hats I wanted. Lisa said I could go ahead and pick for her and she'd give me her hat when the race was over, so I decided I'd get two hot dog hats since Garrett's and my summer part is always a hot dog party.

However, the vendor didn't have any hot dog hats in stock, so there was only one, and I got it! So I'll save it for a year and do a complete hot dog theme outfit for our next party. I got the pizza hat for Lisa because I really like the way they did the toppings on it. A true work of art.

My good friend Kristen from Vertical Gardens Northwest and Everett Makers Market set up a market today to go with the food truck festival, and they also coordinated with the Upper Left Beer Fest which is going on a couple of blocks away. Yum Runners were able to get a discount on beer fest tickets, so today will be an awesome day of friends, food, beer, and maker crafts.

Mainly I'm just glad I thought to immediately sign up for the Yum Run so I wouldn't feel compelled to volunteer. Mua ha ha.

In other other news, my back tattoo is now finished!


Obviously we could fill in a little more around the DeLorean if we chose to, but as far as the project being completed for the contest, it's finished. We absolutely can't touch it between now and the convention in five weeks. I'm so relieved, both physically and financially.

Please also check out my latest blog post at LiEv about Paws With Cause, a local charity that runs painting sessions with senior citizens who paint potraits of shelter pets to help get them adopted and raise money for shelters and other animal-related charities. It's a really great concept and I was honored to get the chance to spread the word. Plus I ended up with another piece of art for the orange bathroom.


I'd love to know how the Swedish commenter ended up reading the post.

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