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Fun and work

The Yum Run was so much fun! I got there really early and talked to lots of friends who were working the event, plus some others who were also in the 5k. The one who made me laugh the most was Meagan. She's been sick lately and her doctor told her to go ahead and do the walk, but take it easy. When the horn blew, she walked half a block to the street the trucks were on and decided to just go straight to them. Ha.

Garret from LiEv took this photo of me and Lisa.

Live in Everett Yum Run 2019

The first snack on the route was an amazing chocolate chip cookie with flake salt on top by Narrative Coffee. They made 1,000, so there was also a huge pile of them to take for free at the info booth.

I'm not sure who was behind it, but the second snack stop was '90s themed. LiEv's Riley was there in a Solo Jazz pattern (like at the top of my back tattoo) tank top and shorts, and he and the other volunteers with him had Otter Pops, Gushers, and Twinkies. I had a blueberry Otter Pop, which really hit the spot because the sun had come out and it was warming up.

I stopped slightly short of the actual finish line because the Makers Market vendors were on the way to it and I wanted to try the vegan ice cream from Colibri Sweets. Their peaches and cream flavor was fantastic, but I gave half to my friend Kristen since I wanted to eat more stuff.

Lisa and I both had the Scallorito, a scallop soft taco dish from the Weathervane Seafood truck. It had basil pesto slaw, bacon, and the best scallops I've had in years. I wish we'd have thought to split a plate, though, because I didn't eat anything else while we were out except some fries while we were at The Irishmen, the first of our two post-event bar stops.

We also did the Upper Left Beer Fest which was two blocks away. It was ok, but I wish you got more samples for the entry fee.

Yesterday was very unproductive. All we really did was bring the couch inside from the back deck to get ready for pressure washing and painting. There's a lot more to do, but that's the one thing that needed two people, so I wanted to make sure we did it. Today after work I got a big load of dishes done and then almost everything else that needs to be taken care of outside. Somehow I often get a burst of productive energy on Monday afternoons and it's best to take full advantage of it.

Oh yeah, having the only hot dog hat ended up being such an ordeal. So many people asked me how I got it and of course I didn't want to lie or anything, so I said something like this about 967 times:
"There were originally supposed to be hot dog, hamburger, and pizza hats, but when it came time to do the order, the vendor had no hot dogs in stock. I write for Live in Everett and picked up my stuff early, and they gave me the sample."

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