christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Paint and sip and tots

Our friend Marci who runs naughty bingo at our neighborhood bar and two other bars in the region loves to keep busy. She also hosts karaoke and wants to start a trivia night, and today was her second paint and sip.


We couldn't make it to the last one but I'm glad today's worked out. It was a lot of fun! For $25, we got a canvas and a cocktail. Brushes, paint, and aprons were provided as well.


Paint and sip is a good bar activity because there's a lot of waiting involved. You have to let a layer dry before you paint over it or else they'll mix. That gives you time to socialize, enjoy your drinks, and order food.


There's not a lot of extra room on the table, though, so we shared an order of tater tots. That was really all we needed, they were tasty and very filling. They only brought out ranch dressing and I almost dipped into my red paint several times absentmindedly thinking it was ketchup.


My painting's on the right. I wanted it to look more like a weeping willow, my mom's favorite. I like how it turned out! It had been forever since I'd done anything like that and I'd definitely do it again.

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