christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Do fence me in

We had two house projects going at the same time and somehow the timing worked out perfectly. Neither crew got in the other's way at all, and everything happened in the right order! The contractor who previously remodeled our upstairs bathroom was back to build us an awesome fence, and thankfully the house was painted before he had to attach anything to it.


It was a pretty challenging project because our house is on its own little hill, making it hard to choose a spot for the fence to start where it could secure the back yard. And that was the primary reason for it, to keep trespassers out and to eventually be able to keep a dog in.

One option would have been to start it at the level part in back, at the bottom of the stairs. I wanted it somewhere at the top of the stairs, though, because that would also secure our back deck. They did a great job following the staircase up and giving us a gate on the side of the house.


It's not 100% done because the locks somehow didn't make it into the original supply order. Those will be installed when they arrive, and we might also put a concrete pad below the gate not pictured in this post since the ground on that side is very uneven. It's an old root system so it'd be no small feat to level everything out, but a rectangle of concrete under the gate would do the trick.

That gate is a double gate to allow wide things like our yard crew's equipment to pass through, so it'll also need sliding bars that secure it in addition to the lock.

At some point we might also go in with our neighbors on the other side to replace the fence between us and them. It's in terrible shape but they weren't interested in replacing it just yet. Thankfully our new gate on that side will help hold it up until they're ready.

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