christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Surprise upon surprise

One thing I really don't like about the internet is the preponderance of annoying comments. People just can't seem to resist it! LiEv's got some annoying regulars on Facebook, and a good example of the type that annoys me is when they posted the route for the Yum Run. Someone just couldn't resist asking in a snotty way why they didn't put the hours on the graphic. Because that's in the event info? Because the streets were still open during the run? Not needed, bub.

So as much as I like a piece, I always brace myself for some eye rolling. That's why I was surprised to find that with 99 comments so far on the Facebook post about my latest blog post, none are negative! Hopefully I haven't jinxed it.

That whole experience was really great. I wrote previously about the strip mall where that restaurant is, but it wasn't there yet. A reader let us know about it and she and a friend happened to be there when I visited. We had a great time chatting and they let me try their food. I even became FB friends with the woman who sent the tip in. Stuff like that just doesn't happen, you know?

If you've never had Filipino food, I suggest finding some immediately. The flavors are absolutely amazing.

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