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Cursed, but fun

I was about half an hour into the drive to Kennewick when I realized I forgot a few things. Pants and a hoodie in case it got really cold, plus the cash I withdrew for tattoos. Neither was that big of a deal, except that the ATM I used when I got to the area only had $20 bills. $780 in $20s is a little unwieldy. And I hardly needed any of it when everything was said and done.

When I got to the hotel, I pulled up my confirmation email from when I made the hotel reservation and saw that it somehow was for the date I made the reservation back in June instead of the day I actually wanted. That meant I paid for a hotel stay I didn't even use, and I didn't have a reservation. Thankfully they were able to get me into a room. I'm still waiting to find out if they'll refund any of the money.

I remembered my workout gear, except for my hydration pack, which is where I keep my mp3 player. So while I explored a nearby island a little bit, it wasn't a true workout.


Other than those hiccups, it was a fantastic weekend. I didn't place in any of the three contests I entered, but I love my tattoos a lot and wasn't super into the ones that won, so it's pretty easy for me to chalk it up to taste being subjective.

The first day was the color portrait contest and I entered my Freckle tattoo while wearing a shirt I had made up for the occasion.

Freckle tattoo by Stephanie Nuzzolilo


I posted that as an Instagram story and sent it to Freckle, and he put it on his story, too! I wish I knew how many people saw that out of his 65,000 followers. I don't know if I shared it here, but I also bought a Cameo message from Freckle a while back to wish Stephanie luck.

Freckle also expressed interest in owning the shirt but hasn't told me where to send it.

When I met paranoiattaque in Los Angeles a while back we made a pact to get Garfield Phone tattoos, and I got mine the first day of the convention. Nick did an awesome job. Pardon the blood.


I had no commitments the second day, but had a great time at the convention meeting new people and eating out. I had Peking duck for the first time at lunch! Plus I went back to Twigs, a restaurant I really liked from our last visit. Breakfast both days was the free hotel breakfast, one of the true joys of traveling. My day 2 outfit wasn't related to a tattoo, but once I put it on I realized it definitely seems like something my artist Jimmy would say.


The full back contest was Sunday and that was the reason we worked so hard to get the tattoo done in a year, as well as why I was at the convention the full weekend. I of course had to match my outfit to the tattoo theme.


Garrett suggested I might spend a third night in Kennewick to avoid Sunday traffic coming back, and I know exactly what he means because I drove into Seattle on a Sunday evening when I moved here. It was just awful. But a third night in the Tri-cities didn't sound all that great either, so I scheduled a night in Leavenworth. It was lovely, as always.


I had a really fun night there. Dinner was at a German restaurant and I had dessert and drinks at a Mexican place nearby. Well, one drink. There were two I wanted to try, but I decided I should leave after a woman I'd given a bite of my tres leches to bought me a shot of tequila.

It would have been great to have more German food for lunch the next day because we don't have any here, but I was far too full from breakfast. That meant I was able to hit the road and get home a couple of hours earlier, which was nice.

On Saturday, I'm getting two more tattoos that I would have done at the convention if I could have. More on those later. After that, I'm taking a break until at least December 13th. Friday the 13th tattoos are a big tradition in the industry, and I finally thought of one I want to do.

And I'm not starting my next big tattoo project until I have no credit card debt at all.

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