christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

And now the break begins

Yesterday I got the additional tattoos that I would have gotten at the convention if I could have. And I set a new record, three tattoos in a day. I've of course had more square inches done in a day, but this was the most individual tattoos. When I arrived, I rolled a 100-sided die to select a couple of the 100 designs from the Get What You Get 100 Tattoo book by Tyson Arndt. Normally it costs $100 to roll and re-rolls are $20, but Nick had a sale Friday and Saturday. $80 instead of $100, so I saved $40 which I applied to a huge tip. And because I'm a frequent customer, he didn't charge me for a couple of rerolls I did. I ended up with #13, my first roll, and #38, which was the fourth. 38 happens to be my favorite number, so 13 and 38 was a nice set.


Before doing those, I got on the table for Madi so she could do my kewpie Sark and Master Control Program from Tron. I gave her lots of screenshots, but there are two that were most important. We made a lollipop out of his disc, which I love so much.

We put it between the other two tattoos she's done on me, so now I have a nice grouping.


Then I got on Nick's table for 13 and 38.


Funnily enough, he did 13 the day before, but with a very different color scheme.

And now it's time to take a break. Before I start my next big tattoo project, I want to pay off some credit card debt and have a little bit saved up as well. The only exception is that I'll probably do a Friday the 13th tattoo in December because I finally figured out a Friday the 13th design I want after all these years.

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