christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

A new beginning

Yesterday was the official opening day at the new YMCA. There were a few days last week where legacy members like me could visit, but I didn't notice until the end of the last day so I missed out. No big deal.

Today was my first visit. As far as the actual workout in the pool, it's an upgrade for me. There's a real deep end in the lap pool so I can tread water there. Plus over on the kid/senior side, there's a lazy river. Ever walk against the current in a lazy river? Amazing workout.

Originally they said there would be just a sauna and it would be co-ed, but it turns out, there's a steam room, too. Also co-ed. I prefer those to be in the locker room and clothing optional, but it's better to have them on the pool deck than not have them at all.

The shower area is surprisingly small, and the main reason I miss having the sauna in there is that I liked drying off in the heat. But overall, this is a nice upgrade. I may have to dip my toe in a class at some point.


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