christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

The perfect depth

The pool area at the new Y has several sections. There's a lap pool, a walk-in "beach" with a fountain play area, the lazy river, and the recreational pool. I hadn't really checked out the recreational pool but decided to go over today because the lanes on the ends were in use and I use the wall for knee curls. I knew I'd be able to do those in the recreational pool because 3.5 feet is enough, so today I resigned to see if I could do the standing stuff in that depth. Turns out, I didn't even need to try. The far end of the recreational pool is 4.5 feet deep!

That means the usually-empty recreational pool is perfect for everything I want to do except occasionally treading water, and now that I have the option to walk against the lazy river, I'd rather do that anyway. Treading water isn't super hard for me because I can float upright even if I'm not kicking or paddling with my hands.

So now I'm super happy with the new pool. The next time I get an automated check-in email from them where they solicit feedback, I'll just say they need to add more hooks. There aren't enough in the locker room and by the showers, and the ones they have aren't high enough to stop them from getting hit by shower water. Out by the pool? Not a hook in sight. Seems kind of dumb to have everyone leaving their bags on the benches. It's not a big deal in the morning but I imagine parents who have to sit around watching their kids when it's crowded get annoyed.

Speaking of watching, being at the new Y is a very different experience from the old one. There, the pool was in a windowless downstairs space with one window and glass door in a mostly-hidden corner connecting to the lobby. A the new one, there are big walls of windows out to the outside, another one by the fireplace seating area in the lobby, and even a window so some of the people working out upstairs can look down. Plus security cameras. You definitely never feel alone there.

I saw class about to start in the studio closest to the men's locker room as I walked in, and had to look it up just now because, well, let's just say that a room full of people standing next to TRX workout gear looks kinda kinky.

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