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NYE Catchemups

New Year's Eve isn't a big deal to me because I don't assign a lot of meaning to the turning of the calendar. In fact, I think people assign far too much weight to dates now, and it gets worse every year. It's just another way make lists of bad things, laying the mental groundwork for more to come one's way.

And I don't stay up late enough for the parties anyway.

But! We have a new tradition that I really love, the special NYE dinner at Oystercatcher in Coupeville.


2018's dinner was a little better but this year's was still great. It was nice to see that many of the same employees were still there, and we got an even better table by the window this time.

This year, we stayed around the corner at a place above a wine shop on the waterfront, mainly for convenience. Last year we were a cab ride away, which we thought at the time was a pain, but we want to go back to that rental again next year. The scenery and seclusion was worth the the cabs. Especially because the owners thought it was appropriate to do remodeling projects in their shop while they had guests staying in their unit above.

But since we were there, we got to walk around after our lunch on the 1st.


I posted this photo of the ice cream shop across from our rental so I could make my joke that it should be called Scoopville.


For some reason that's when I started hearing from people that the movie Practical Magic was filmed in Coupeville, and that they painted the entire town for the movie and then painted all the buildings back to their original colors. I hadn't seen the movie since about 15 years ago when I found a box of porn tapes on the sidewalk that also had a copy of that movie in it, and back then, I had no idea that my studio apartment in Seattle was so close to the filming location. It takes place in New England, after all.

So of course we had to watch it immediately when we got home. Funnily enough, the first building you see when they show the town in the movie is the building where we stayed.


Did I think to get a photo? Of course not. But here's one from the listing. I think what we see here is the paint from after the movie wearing away to reveal the movie paint.

We stayed two nights, getting back on the 2nd. Yesterday was the 3rd and we went to see Rise of the Skywalker and hit the larger of the two Asian buffets in Everett. I prefer the smaller one that's conveniently in our neighborhood, but it's nice to get to the bigger one once in a while. It's close to that movie theater, and the movie was long, so I was buffet hungry when we arrived.

We've still got today and tomorrow off and then finally have to return for our first full week of work in a while. We have a quick trip coming up in February, though, and still need to plan our spring vacation.

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