christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Happy Threshold Day!

One of the wildest Star Trek episodes ever made is "Threshold" from Star Trek Voyager's second season. In it, Tom Paris completes a test flight breaking the warp 10 barrier, and once he returns, "hyperevolves" into an amphibian life form. While still upright and mobile, he kidnaps the captain and takes her on the same shuttlecraft, causing her to change as well. When they're found on a planet later on, they've both completed their transformations, and have mated.

It's ridiculous, and a lot of fun.

The episode aired on this day in 1996 and the anniversary is always a lot of fun on tumblr. I decided to be the king of Threshold Day this year with a new tattoo.

Threshold Day tattoo

This is by Clinton Wiltse, and he started it the day he did my Friday the 31st tattoo. It's been finished for a while now and is fully healed. It's doing well on tumblr thanks to an immediate reblog from captaincrusher, my favorite Star Trek-related account. I also posted it to the Star Trek Shitposting group on Facebook, where half the people love it and the other half are pulling their hair out.

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