christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Flooding all around

We've had a very rainy first month of the year. Yesterday as we drove to Snohomish for breakfast, I could see that the river at Lowell Riverfront Trail was high enough to be in the park itself! Of course I didn't think about it at all this morning when it was time to leave, I was just glad it wasn't still pouring.

My wish wasn't too specific though, and I didn't think about the fact that it might be below freezing outside. Not a big deal for much of the drive out there, but the bridge across the river was pretty slick. So was the paved trail when I got to Langus. I'd already planned to walk the gravel path alongside it because the paved one floods, but you have to go about half a mile before the gravel one starts. All the bridges were frozen, but oddly I didn't slip. Since my shoes were warmer and moist, I stuck a bit!


If this road had been any more flooded, my options would have been to add almost three extra miles to my walk, or get my feet wet. That might not have been so bad since the car wasn't much further beyond.


I don't remember ever seeing these at the facility but there were four or five today and they looked really cool.


On some maps of the park, there's a trail along the river on the east side of the park, but I've never been able to make my way anywhere near it due to the path being overgrown. I was surprised today to see that a path next to the really overgrown area has been stomped down and I hoped I'd be able to get to a trail, but I only made it about fifty feet or so. It was still neat.

Most walks these days aren't worth writing about since I'm always covering the same territory. Glad today was a little different.

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