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Get bent.

We were watching Tosh.0 a few months ago when Daniel Tosh announced at the end of the episode that he'd be doing one of his Tosh.Show in the Snow shows in Bend, Oregon. Garrett and I decided right then that we should go. After all, we'd never had a chance to see him live before, and neither of us had been to Bend. A few months later it was last Friday, and we were at our local airport for the first of two quick flights. Everett to Portland, followed by Portland to Bend. The flights were late and we had quite a layover in Portland, so we weren't in our AirBnB until after midnight.

Staying up late wasn't the worst part of the night, though. We flew in storms all night and both landings were scary as hell! At least our AirBnB was really cool. An older place kept up well, with cool retro decor. And it was close to the riverside park, and popular with local deer. Here are two of the three I found hanging out behind the house when I checked out the yard in the morning.


I walked about a mile to Enterprise to pick up our rental car. Then we had an absolutely amazing breakfast at The Lemon Tree, a cool restaurant owned by a couple of former cruise chefs who developed a love for a variety of ingredients and spices while traveling the world. I could easily eat there every day for a week. Lunch was at Schlotzky's, one of my favorite chains that we don't have here. I really wish we did, and also wish I knew when we ordered that sourdough is no longer the default sandwich bun. Whole wheat was good, but their famous sourdough was I really wanted.

The rest of the day should have been relaxing up until time for the show, but suddenly when I got up I was unable to put any weight on my right ankle. At all. Even though the show was only a few blocks away, I didn't think I'd be able to do it without a walking boot or something. So, Garrett went to the sporting goods store and got me a few to choose from. Apparently sitting around cross-legged or with my feet up on a chair that's too high was a bit much for my precious ankles.


The brace was enough to get me walking again, and 24 hours later I didn't even need it. I don't understand how an ankle can go so quickly from able to take no weight at all to being fine.

The obligatory imitation I do when a mask is on a wall:


Did you know the world's last Blockbuster Video is in Bend? Of course we went.


The High Desert Museum is cool, though I have to say I was shocked to find an exhibit about Burning Man there.



And if you're killing time in the Portland airport, look for the Hollywood Theater outpost, which shows short films for free. We managed to see the whole program before it was time to head over to our gate!


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