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California resin

A very popular tumblr blogger I follow mentioned The California Raisins and one of her many young followers replied talking about growing up sleeping in a California Raisins t-shirt and always wondering whether anyone else knew about them. People like this baffle me. I get that The California Raisins were very big but only for a short time, and there's no reason to expect young people to recognize them. But if you're so young that you don't recognize them, you're also young enough that internet search has been around for most of your life. Do people really sit around thinking about things but never searching them, just hoping someone will mention them someday? Super weird.

Anyway it's funny that it came up right when I was working on my very first resin project, preserving something from our most recent California trip. Our flight back from Palm Springs to Paine Field in Everett (PSP to PAE) was Alaska Airline's inaugural run, and they gave us cookies with the airport codes on them, as well as pins.

I'd read about some items needing a layer of protection before putting them in resin so they wouldn't melt, and thankfully I had two cookies because the first suggestion I tried, Mod Podge, ruined the first one. I used a spray on the second one and it was fine.


I learned several more tips for getting rid of bubbles so hopefully future casts will be clearer. I was surprised to see how bubbly this one was, though. It looked a lot clearer in the mold. I guess because it's white. It should be sanded, too, but I'd like to practice sanding on something else first so I know it won't get ruined.

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